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What We Do

We help you make more money sports betting by taking advantage of short term trends. Our experts spend over 30 hours a week researching the best bets with the most profitable lines.

In every Game Plan we give you:

Our Pick - Reasoning - Key Stats


The strategy is simple, place your bets in units - each unit is 1% of your total balance. We will tell you how many units we are placing on each bet. Our unit size will be a rating of our confidence in the pick.

Even the highest confidence bets can lose but by keeping your unit sizing consistent you will see steady account growth week over week.

Daily Game Plans

We'll post Game Plans for hand picked bets with key statistics and reasoning. Game plans will include who we like and why, and are easy to follow.

Real-Time Alerting

We'll post our Game Plans in Discord, giving you live notifications as soon as we post them. You'll have time to take your position and go enjoy the game.

Just Follow Along

Follow the Game Plans from your favorite expert or all of them. Keep your unit sizing consistent and proportional to your account and watch your sizing increase.

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